Cinestyle color profile for Canon DSLRs by Technicolor & Magic Lantern

I’ve been wanting a video capable Canon DSLR for a while now and finally made the leap from the Rebel XS to the T2i. I’m aware that Canon is up to the T5i now but because I wouldn’t have much use for the features in some of the newer models I really didn’t see the need for the extra expense or any use for the flip out screen on the newer models, as I use a laptop to monitor output, and opted to get a few lenses with the money saved.
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September Playlist
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September 2015 Playlist

My music tastes are all over the place. This months playlist is a perfect representation of that and has a bit of everything.Straight pop,EDM, funk, hip-hop, garage, UK Grime and R&B you’ll find it here. You’ve been warned!

This Playlist has everything
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Doggie Photoshoot

Earlier this month my Bishon Frise, Nikko was diagnosed with congestive heart failure. It was heartbreaking to hear and I honestly don’t know how much time we have left together. Dogs are truly man’s best friend, and I’ve had my little guy since I was fourteen years old.  I had wanted to do a photoshoot with Nikko for quite some time and never got around to it, but after his diagnosis I made time for it.

For the setup I used blue bulletin board paper, a ring light and a 50mm lens, if you have a Dog you know it’s pretty difficult to get them to hold still when they don’t want to do something. To get him to hold still I placed a treat behind the paper and he was as cooperative as you can expect a stubborn Dog to be.I ended up taking roughly 40-50 photos, I think they turned out great and truly capture the essence of who is and his quirky personality.

Check out one of the adorable photos above!